Hi! My name's Marcelo, but everyone calls me Mars

I am a self taught full-stack web developer and a UX/UI designer with 15+ years of experience, currently living in Córdoba Argentina. You'll find me trying new and edgy stuff, staying up-to-date with technologies, standards and best practices. I've been working remotely as a contractor for more than 5 years with clients from the US and Europe, on several ambitious applications/platforms, with small to scalable teams. I consider myself very lucky to do what I love for living, which certainly drives my passion at work. All of it from home, powered by my coffee machine ☕️

Personal Info.

Full Name
Marcelo Ariel Mira Marin
December 5, 1986
Living in
Córdoba, Argentina
Full-time Contractor as a Senior Web Developer


Ember.js/Node.js PHP/Symfony CSS3/SCSS MySQL/PostgreSQL GraphQL/JSON:API Github/Gitlab Slack/Discord/Mattermost Jira/Trello/Asana Sketch/Photoshop/Inkscape Blender Ubuntu/OSX/WSL2 DigitalOcean/AWLS/Heroku Docker/Portainer

Other Knowledges

1st Language
Native Spanish
2nd Language
American English
Graphic Design
I do my own vector art
Game Development
Unreal Engine 4 C++/ Blender 3D Modelling
Linux geek, think good enough

What I'm Good At

Ember.js. I fell in love with Ember on 2012, it drive me to specialize on front end technologies, and led me to create several dozens of apps ever since. I try to contribute on the Ember Community whenever I can, I have a couple of add-ons of my own, and I can consider myself a bit of an evangelist of this framework.

Symfony + PHP7. I started my web developer career doing sites on PHP, around 2009. But if I have to work on my own API, I'd go with Symfony mostly due to my affinity. It would allow me to quickly build fully customized and scalable backends for my ember apps, as

UI/UX Design. Even before I started working on the web I developed a good taste on design and user interfaces, over time I became obsessed in love with pixel perfect work. I like to bring my experience building my own UX/UI whenever I can.

Work Experience

  • ID Plans Apr 2020 - Currently

    Roles: Senior Ember.js Developer Details: Making their awesome main ember app even better every day
  • Ember consultant Jun 2020 - Apr 2021

    Roles: Ember Octane app conversion / Consultant Details: Helped ScreenSteps and CloudTomatoes on their Octane apps conversions
  • Bagaar Mar 2020 - Jul 2020

    Roles: Senior Developer JS/PHP - Designer Details: Remote contract for this Belgium based software company - Working for one of its clients on a massive HR management platform
  • Outdoorsy Dec 2016 - Mar 2020

    Roles: Senior Developer JS/PHP - Designer Details: Remote contract for this Austin, US based startup - My main role was to help develop and scale its Ember.js set of apps
  • Diezpe/Lancers Jul 2013 - Jun 2016

    Roles: Owner - Developer - Designer - Architecture - DevOps Details: My once startup wanna-be, a social marketplace focused on digital media micro-jobs
  • Lunchio.de May 2016 - Sep 2016

    Roles:Senior Developer JS/PHP Details: Remote contract for this German startup - Developed features and tests for both the Ember front-end and Symfony2 back-end
  • Machinalis Jul 2015 - Feb 2016

    Roles:Senior Front-end/JS Details: Remote contract for US clients. Develop, design and maintain web projects in JS frameworks such as Ember and React
  • Government of the Province of Córdoba Nov 2013 - Jun 2015

    Roles:Senior Front-end/JS/PHP/C# Details: Develop, design and maintain web projects related to Government's network, applying every latest technology available.
  • Pixel S.A. Jul 2013 - Nov 2013

    Roles:Semi-Senior Front-end/JS/PHP Details: Develop and design company web products, mostly related to education and content creation.
  • Moobin Web Design Oct 2011 - Jul 2013

    Roles:Co-Owner, Management, Developer, Designer Details: My first startup wanna-be. I had to manage, develop, design y and coordinate web projects with customers and companies.
  • Pedeolmos S.R.L. May 2011 - Dec 2011

    Roles:Semi-Senior PHP developer, Front-end Details: Develop and design company web products and sites for customers.
  • Biobytes Software Jan 2010 - May 2011

    Roles:Co-Owner, Management, Developer, Designer Details: I developed desktop applications in C# .Net, mostly for logistics and management applications.
  • M2 Game Design Jan 2006 - Jan 2010

    Roles:Owner, Management, Developer, Designer Details: I developed PC games and applications, using Multimedia Fusion 2 as main development tool.

You'll find me at

Or write to me here: hello@marcemira.com